We are a committed investor with timber industry expertise.

Symbia VC is investing in innovative and creative minds and their ideas while providing a supporting surrounding. This enables us to redefine the wood and forestry industry as we know it in the long run.

With the right mix of financial and industrial expertise in timber and woodwork we strive to create a collective sustainable growth and a bright future for generations to come.

A partner for success

Investment Manager Marlis Baurecht unveils what sets SymbiaVC apart and how the team can help start-ups to thrive.
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Core Values


Backend by an established corporation, we are able to establish long-lasting partnerships providing constant support and exchange. By mentoring thriving teams we provide the necessary space to grow together.


Through the combination of professional expertise and family values, built over generations, we are entrusted to lead bright minds to sustainable solutions and offer them long-term guidance.


We promote companies and start ups with a clear focus on having a sustainable impact in their business field. Creating a valuable future in a thriving environment lets us strive for the change we want to see in the world.

Partners on eye-level

Investment Manager Alex Burger appreciates the versatile skills of the team. Different nationalities, languages, and areas of expertise create a nourishing working environment for the team to thrive.
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