We all grow.

Addressing the challenges of the future takes more than money and resources. It takes innovative and forward-thinking people, their ideas and symbiotic exchange.

Venture capital and support for wood industry innovators.

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SymbiaVC is a dynamic venture capital firm and sparring partner for innovative startups and companies. We invest in their sustainable and environmentally friendly core business along the value chain of wood and forestry.

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Symbiotic Partnerships

Managing Partner Johannes Oberdanner discusses why SymbiaVC acts beyond financial investments and focuses on reliable long-term partnerships with startups.
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Let us strive for the change we want to see in the world.

A bit of spice

Investment Manager Camila Orozco Gil shares her background as an investment manager and why diversity is a key asset to enable innovation.
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#We all grow

We give brilliant minds the space to grow together. There is no innovation on this planet realized by a single person. We acknowledge that.
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Ready to collaborate?

Contact us to discuss future projects within the fascinating world of wood, timber and forestry! We look forward to hearing from you.

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