SymbiaVC is a corporate fund and sparring partner all-in-one.

We work purposefully, convinced that our venture capital is a pioneering sparring partner for creating a valuable future. We invest in industries ranging from deeptech, hardware, construction, material processing, logistics and automation.

Our goal is to offer the necessary environment for thriving teams, a togetherness at eye level and a feeling of security.

The way we work

Founding Partner Peter Kunz talks about SymbiaVC’s investment and funding focus and how venture capital firms and startups support each other.
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It is up to us – We owe it to ourselves to be part of the solution.

Symbia VC started as a Single LP Fund owned by the Barbara Pfeifer private foundation. Now Symbia is an independently operating corporate venture capital enterprise.

Our diversely skilled team is creating an innovative and flexible long-term ecosystem for start ups and companies within the wood industry. We give our partners the freedom to enable the change we want to see in the world of wood and forestry.

Fostering entrepreneurial spirit

Founding Partner Bernhard Gröhs explains how SymbiaVC supports startups and companies in the wood industry with knowledge, expertise and timber industry experience.
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