Marlis Baurecht

Senior Investment Manager

After completing her studies in Genetics and Microbiology, Marlis Baurecht started as a Research Scientist at Baxter Biosciences. She later transitioned into the public sector, taking on roles at the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and the Federation of Austrian Industry (IV). During her tenure at Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS), she held the position of Head of the Business Unit Entrepreneurship, IPR, and Seed financing.

After 15 years, Marlis returned to the private sector, joining first Greiner Holding and now SymbiaVC, where she is currently focused on identifying and supporting captivating start-ups and established companies within the wood value chain to enhance their innovative capabilities.

Besides her passion for innovation, Marlis adores horseback riding, especially dressage, which embodies the incredible bond between rider and horse. She resides in Vienna with her husband and two teenagers. Marlis is also an experienced wine connoisseur.

Marlis began as a natural scientist but later moved to the public sector, investing in fundamental research-focused startups. After 15 years, she shifted to private investments, aiming to have a more direct role in startup growth. Leveraging her broad expertise in startups, she now focuses on wood value chain startups at SymbiaVC.
What brought you to SymbiaVC?
The last few years, I have been driven by a desire for closer involvement with startups and a better understanding of the dynamics that fuel innovation. I've come to realize that innovation isn't self-fulfilling; it requires nurturing and must generate revenues to thrive. The Greiner Holding captured me with their clear vision to secure the company's success for the next 10 to 20 years by innovation. But honestly, after a restructuring process in the innovators team, I refused to continue my career at the Greiner Holding. And women networks do work, a great woman in the start-up sector connected me to Johannes Oberdanner Within three days, I found myself in the office of a board member of SymbiaVC in Vienna, ready to embark on a new challenge.
What is your position at SymbiaVC?
Currently, I serve as a Senior Investment Manager at SymbiaVC. My primary mission is to seek out innovative individuals, teams, ideas, and technologies that can not only complement Pfeifer in the long term but also present attractive financial opportunities for SymbiaVC. I leverage my extensive network, which I've cultivated over the years, to connect SymbiaVC with the right people and, of course, my technical know-how which I gained over 20 years working in the innovation sector.
What fascinates you about SymbiaVC?
What excites me most about SymbiaVC is its people-centric approach. The team is a carefully chosen mix of experienced professionals committed to the long-term. This, coupled with our deep expertise in innovation, financial support, international market positioning, intellectual property, and funding strategies, makes SymbiaVC a force to be reckoned with. It's not just about investment; it's about shaping the future.
Which of your strengths are particularly useful at SymbiaVC?
I thrive on supporting others, sharing networks, and funding insights, and fostering an open, authentic, and straightforward environment. My scientific background equips me with the skills to evaluate startups from a rigorous, scientific perspective.

What do you want to achieve with SymbiaVC?
I aspire to help SymbiaVC build an intriguing startup portfolio, striking the perfect balance between long-term investments that add value to Pfeifer and exciting financial ventures that thrive also in international markets. Establishing and maintaining a trustful relationship with our parent company, Pfeifer, is also a key goal.
What does innovation mean to you?
To me, innovation is the lifeblood of a company's success in the global arena. It demands dedication and investments both inside and outside the organization. I'm grateful for having witnessed the entire innovation value chain in action, from company-driven activities to the broader market.
Your favorite tree? Why?
My favorite tree is the Winterlinde (small-leaved-lime). It holds a special place in my heart due to cherished childhood memories. It reminds me of the wonderful experiences I had in front of my grandmother's house.