Why networking with business angels is vital for CVCs


At SymbiaVC we actively seize opportunities to network with Business Angels and fellow (C)VCs to discuss joint approaches in different investment phases. Such an occasion took place right in our region at the Business Angel Summit 2023 Kitzbühel from July 6-7.

The Business Angel Summit brings together a select group of private and public investors and outstanding, innovative startups from Austria. It serves as a platform for leading entrepreneurs from Tyrol, as well as key players from the international business world, to discuss challenges and prospects in today’s dynamic VC world.

Finding common ground

Participating in such events allows us at SymbiaVC to connect with like-minded (C)VCs and visionary business angel entrepreneurs. At the Business Angel Summit we explored various methodologies and procedures involved in deal flow management, the current and future market situation and the decision-making process. Additionally, we delved into the complexities faced by Corporate Venture Funds when balancing strategic innovative progress with daily corporate operations.

Engaging with Business Angels

Engaging with business angels who align with our investment philosophy is very important to us, for these investors typically enter the market at earlier stages than we do at SymbiaVC. While we primarily focus on Seed or Series-A rounds, business angels are highly active during Pre-Seed Rounds. Building strong relationships with these angels enables us to stay connected with startups that harmonize well with our portfolio in the fields of forestry, production, internet of things (IoT), automation, logistics, and climate technologies, among others.

Broadening the investment scale

Furthermore, these connections pave the way for collaboration opportunities where private equity investments can contribute larger volumes during later funding stages. Restricting ourselves to connecting only with VCs of similar investment volume would be short-sighted, considering the vast potential that exists in the market. Hence, we actively strive to explore all available options, forging relationships with diverse investors. In today’s fiercely competitive market, having a robust network of investors becomes a strategic advantage for companies and venture capitalists seeking the right resources and guidance to succeed.

Navigating Co-investments

During the Business Angel Summit, we also dove into the crucial role of trust-building in co-investment arrangements. Our discussions included topics such as assessing liabilities, navigating decision-making processes, and ensuring contract fulfillment. Establishing a foundation of mutual trust among all parties involved is a key to fostering successful collaborations and long-term partnerships.

Ambassador for the region

At SymbiaVC, we place great importance on attending VC events in Tirol and serving as ambassadors for the thriving business location of both Tirol and Western Austria. We believe that being present at such events not only helps us build strong relationships with other industry leaders, but also enables us to contribute positively towards their growth by sharing valuable insights about the region’s economic landscape.

If you are a business angel or any other kind of investor with strong connections with start-ups researching and developing along the value chain of wood, get in touch with us to discuss a potential cooperation.