A day as an investment manager: Follow us to VentureCon May 2023


SymbiaVC investment manager Alex Burger joined the VentureCon event on the 24th of May 2023 and shares his experiences at this special event in Munich.

Being an investment manager is a lot about deal flow generation, analyzing data and calls with founders and potential co-investors. But it is also about trying German dumplings, riding a gondola, and meeting many exciting new personalities from all fields of expertise.

The VentureCon gathering was organized by BayStartUP and offered great opportunities for investment professionals to network, gain valuable insights, and expand their horizons. In this article, we’ll take you through a day at VentureCon, highlighting the activities and opportunities of an investment manager.



VentureCon kicked off at the Knödelalm (“Dumpling hut”) with an Investor-Lunch. Surrounded by approximately 100 influential investors, an ideal environment for networking and building valuable connections was created. What made this lunch unique is the concept of Reversed Pitches, where investors introduce themselves to one another, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and knowledge sharing. A unique chance to engage with top-notch VCs and establish long term connections.


Gondola Ride with Katja Ruhnke

One of the highlights of VentureCon was the insightful gondola ride on the Munich Riesenrad, led by different “Gondola-Captains”. We were lucky to have Katja Ruhnke, Co-Founder & CEO of CK Ventures, as our Captain. The focus of this session revolved around resolving conflicts within startup teams, including the dreaded Bad Leaver scenario. As an investor, knowing how to navigate difficult situations between founders and investors is crucial. Katja Ruhnke shared her experiences and guided us through the process of mediating conflicts. We learned when a break is inevitable and discovered practical approaches to resolving issues.

Walking Pitches and BayStartUP Demo Night

At VentureCon, we dove deep into possible future innovations through the Walking Pitches at BayStartUP Demo Night. This segment showcased startups with a focus on sustainable and digital transformations within our society, or alternatively start-ups who explore groundbreaking digital innovations that are reshaping the landscape of financial services. We were amazed by the cutting-edge technologies and visionary entrepreneurs. As SymbiaVC we engaged with the startup community and gained insights into their groundbreaking ideas.

Exclusive Dinner with TBA Network

To conclude this remarkable day, we attended an exclusive dinner hosted by our partner, Tyrolean Business Angel (TBA) Network. Led by Eva Ogriseg, this dinner took place at the renowned Augustiner Keller in Munich, providing a perfect setting for unwinding and fostering professional relationships. Engaging in meaningful conversations, exchanging ideas, connecting with like-minded individuals, and building a robust network was the aim of this event.


VentureCon presents an unparalleled opportunity for investment managers to immerse themselves in a dynamic and vibrant ecosystem. From networking with prominent investors and resolving conflicts within startup teams, to exploring innovative ideas and nurturing valuable connections.


If you understand the financial aspects of enterprises, have a keen interest in new technologies and business models, and show an understanding that investment management is “people-business”, don’t hesitate to contact us at SymbiaVC. We are constantly looking for aspiring new team members. Work with industry leaders and start-ups on sustainable solutions and continue a path towards success at the level of collective growth. Contact us.